South Atlantic Fireproofing Enterprise (S.A.F.E.) began operations in September 2003 to service a need in the Triad area for a local fireproofing contractor. S.A.F.E. got it's start as a division of Southern Paint & Waterproofing Co. to compliment SPWC's painting and waterproofing business.

Due to the growth of the business, SAFE incorporated as a separate entity in January 2006. At that time SAFE also added firestopping and sprayed-on acoustical insulation to it's product line.

As the business continues to grow the core principles of value, service, and customer satisfaction will remain the center of our focus.

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Intumescent Coatings
Rigid Board Fireproofing
Spray Applied Fireproofing
Our S.A.F.E. product line include the following manufacturers: 
Home of Albi Fireproofing  STI Firestop         Hilti         Grace
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